Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update on Brighton Mae (aka MOMO)

So yes, I stopped blogging in china, like on day 2. hahahaha oh well- many reasons, Internet was slow, the app I was using to blog was slow and we were pretty much exhausted by the end of each day which didn't leave much time to blog. Once gotcha day happened- my emotions were all over the place and I just didn't have the words to put together. I prayed and just didn't feel lead to write. I hope to go back and update here on each day spent in china but for now I wanted to just update everyone on our Momo. (This is the nick name they called her at the orphanage and it is just what we have been calling her because this is what she likes, and refers to herself as Momo. We also just think its the cutest nick name ever- so Momo it is for now!)

 Adjusting to a life with 4 kids is and has been hilarious to me in many ways. I THINK we are getting the hang of it- who knows, I constantly am forgetting stuff and doing crazy things, but life is good and we just laugh and move on.

MOMO is doing fantastic! Yes- she is older and comes with some very typical orphanage behaviors that will take a while to overcome. Yes she has medical needs and disabilities, both physical and mental ( and yes we knew all this when we said yes to her, just to clear up questions i know many have- no hard feelings, I know people wonder, I would too!) Our weeks right now are filled with lots of family time, and doctors and specialist visits. By keeping it just US right now, we are showing our Momo what a family looks like. Yes we go out and do things- and we are spending time with people who we have asked to not "engage" our girl,  but mostly we try to keep it just us right now. We have noticed that when we bring someone into our home and around our sweet girl we see some regression, and some acting out. So if you see us out- say HI and please limit interaction with our girl, I know it sounds crazy- But she feeds on attention right now- this is very typical behavior from a child who spent 7 years in a orphanage. The ones who seeks attention ( by any means) from the nannies and caregivers often gets the most and food, love ect.  Just to give you an explanation. :) We are not asking you to ignore our child just for no reason! ha! We are just trying to teach her she doesn't have to "do" anything to receive love, food ect from us.

 Despite ALL of this she is JOY! despite all she may not be able to do, there is so much she CAN DO! 

  anyone who has met her will agree with us! pure JOY!

and that is how she came into our arms on "gotcha day" with Joy! 
gotcha day 
just a few hours after we got our sweet girl 

I have to be honest and confess that the fist week with her was hard, and I STILL have extremely hard moments and days, but a very wise friend told me something the first few days after we got our sweet girl- she said "yes she will change these behaviors, she will come far, but YOU will change too" 

and gosh was she right!

I was the one that needed changing..... and I hope the changing never ends.

I am so thankful for the prayers, the friends and family that have rallied around us and showered us with love. From a weary adoptive momma- we need that right now, I am learning to accept help when its offered, one thing I haven't always been good at.  ( I like control- who doesn't?) We are so thankful for every message, every encouraging word, every meal, and gift, every prayer spoken on our behalf. I pray God blessed you in a big way for the Love you have shown us and continue to show us during this transition time for our family. 

I won't get into the "Hard" of it because you know what- there is just too much good and joy we have experienced that out shines the "hard."  Gosh- everyone has some sort of "HARD" in their lives.  Either thru a difficult child, a difficult marriage, work issues, family issues, ect. We all have "Hard"." I Hope thru any hardships we may have, we come out of it different and molded into the believers our heavenly father desires us to be. So we work thru the hard, and we give it to him (  I am not good at this!) we take one day at a time.  We are learning how to be the parents God needs us to be for this sweet gift. We are counting it ALL joy the gifts of all 4 of our children are, and the story God choose to write into our lives. I am thankful for God's grace he extends to us every day.

So thankful for our 4th child, she is a delight and every present light in our lives.

I took these pics of Brighton today because I wanted to capture the "light" in her. Many of you know that in her file from china they wrote that they gave her the particular name YI FUMENG- in hopes she would have a BRIGHT FUTURE.   Her neurologist even commented on it recently when reviewing her file.

Well I think she has that Bright! wouldn't you say?

also- No more covering up that scar anymore. Gotta teach my girl to embrace her scars and past-

SHINE on OUR Bright star!! 


  1. I am glad to see you blogging again. Momo looks great. Hang in there!!!

  2. I have wondered how you and B were adjusting. Thanks for blogging! You have a big and inspirational heart! Prayers for you and your family! Xoxox

  3. Loved the update. The good and the hard. With ya. I was a MESS of not so pretty emotions in China. :)